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OpenVPN issue....

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  • OpenVPN issue....

    Hi all,

    I am a beginner with Untangle. I was playing around setting up VPN with VPN Client (OpenVPN GUI), but was not able to setup Remote VPN site.
    My questions are:

    1. Actually this is weird, at the server side, the log shows that the remote site is connected. But at the remote site, the log shows nothing. Is this correct?

    2. Is there anyway to troubleshoot the communication between VPN Server and remote site? Like a real life log somewhere in the server? Or is it that there is a hidden button I miss... somehow at remote site said it is connected, but I couldn't access any of the resources. I had set Address pool to , Exported Hosts to, and I am able to connect though VPN Client and able to access my resources....

    Anybody have troubleshoot tips can greatly help.. thanks..


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    open vpn log files are located at c:\program files\openvpn\log\ ( assuming default install). See if log file exist and if you could post it on forum.

    Also, check firewall ( windows / third party firewall ) on remote machine. If you install the firewall module on the untangle, you might wanna check or set incoming rules from network.


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      Are you still having trouble with the VPN client? Which OS are you using on the client side?


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        Originally posted by rbscott View Post
        Are you still having trouble with the VPN client? Which OS are you using on the client side?
        I figure out the issue i have with setting up the VPN Server with a VPN Client server. I found that in VPN Server, I need to enter the actual VPN Client DHCP ip range and subnet masks.

        I am still trying to figure out how to setup a cental DNS server where all VPN Client Server / OpenVPN GUI can resolve with.


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          if you have internal dns server, you could set "dns override" to enable and then specify your dns server to use under openvpn > setup > Advanced settings on the Untangle server. The dns server needs to be exported or included in the exported network under exported host / network. Verify export dns is checked under VPN client / sites >address pools.