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OpenVPN for Android 4.0+

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  • OpenVPN for Android 4.0+

    Download/Install Openvpn for Android on your android unit.

    Then download the Openvpn Configuration files from the Untangle Unit.
    Unzip them and copy them to the Phone/SDcard.

    Now Open "Openvpn for Android"

    Click "All your precious VPNs"

    In the top right corner Click on the folder.

    Brows to the folder where you have the OpenVPN .Conf file.
    Click on the file and hit Select

    Then in the top right corner hit the little Floppy disc Icon to save the import.

    Now you should see "imported profile" click on it to connect to the tunnel.

    Sweet it works!!!
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    Thank you Webfool, it worked like a charm on my Galaxy Nexus 4.0.2 ICS. No issues with RDP to phone thus far, connection has been solid....

    Great Job,



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      This is great, been wanting to set openvpn up on my phone again just didn't want to go through the manual way I did before.

      Works perfect on CM10 after checking the fix permissions setting.

      Will try it on my tablet tonight.


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        Using this on my Android Galaxy Tablet to access internal network back in office while I am on the road. Thanks for the tutorial works great!!!
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          How do you download the .conf file from the Untangle Firewall?


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            Create a client in OpenVPN -> Settings -> Clients and then click on the distribute button. One of the options for download is openvpn file download, not the Windows link.
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