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Allowing public to access private network

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  • Allowing public to access private network

    I'm looking to allow public traffic to access our private network ... there's a home automation and Minecraft server there. This was a really easy thing with my previous internet since it had a known valid public IP address.

    Our internet is supplied from a cell tower and Starlink, both of which are CGNAT (I believe). It appears that my "public" IP address won't allow public traffic to route through to my private network. Both of these services have been placed in bridge mode. Yet accessing the "public" IP from outside, just times out.

    Would OpenVPN provide the functionality to allow public traffic to route (by domain name) to my private network? Once there, I can handle the port forwarding and such.

    If I'm heading in the wrong direction, please let me know.

    Thanks in advance,

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    You are looking to do full-tunnel OpenVPN. The client since needs to use Tunnel VPN app which allows for OpenVPN full tunnels.

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