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OpenVPN site-to-site issues

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  • OpenVPN site-to-site issues

    I have an untangle box at a remote location that I recently changed the subnet at that location from to After doing this I exported a new OpenVPN zip file with the correct remote network and reloaded it to the recently changed server. The status is connected = true, but I am unable to access resources between the sites now after I made the subnet change. Any ideas?

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    reboot the client side Untangle, and possibly the server side one.

    The routing tables don't always come along for the ride when you renumber without a restart.

    If that doesn't work, check your firewall rules.
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      Thanks for the tip. I restarted the client site with no luck, but I haven't been able to restart the server side yet. I did notice some stale routes that hadn't dropped. To work around this problem, I just changed my openVPN subnet to and things started working again.