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  • OpenVPN broken

    We've had issues with two separate servers after taking the latest Untangle updates, they no longer allow clients (that have been working for months-years depending on the user) to access local resources. We also have site to site VPN's, if I connect to one of those that hasn't taken the update I can access everything on all networks. Is anyone else seeing this type of behaviour?


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    OpenVPN has gone through many changes in the last few years, and the configuration needs a hard audit to bring it inline with modern reality. The problem is... now you've got versioning issues, and client side configurations that all need updated.

    This is part of the reason why I moved away from OpenVPN and into ZeroTier. But if you want to "fix" OpenVPN, you're probably going to have to document each module, remove it and reinstall it without any sort of backup. The endpoints all need upgraded to modern clients, and the configuration files redeployed.

    I cannot know if this circumstance impacts you specifically without looking at your server, but I can say that every upgrade comes with these complains with or without the developers actually changing anything. And if you've had OpenVPN in place on boxes for years apon years and you've never managed the configuration changes that come along with new releases of OpenVPN, Untangle has NOT done that for you, and eventually... splat.
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      Yep. Client to untangle OpenVPN operating fine for years broke recently for me as well on multiple phones. Zero change to config on client or server recently other than I noticed Untangle got upgraded.