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Route all traffic over the VPN connection

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  • Route all traffic over the VPN connection

    I have an Untangle box setup and everything is working correctly. I have set up the OpenVPN and I am able to connect to the VPN and connect to items on my internal network. What I would like to do is set up my client software on my laptop (I am using Viscosity for OS X to connect to my Untangle VPN) to router all traffic through the VPN including web, ichat, etc. Is there an option in OpenVPN to turn this on. I have read on the OpenVPN forums about adding a command to the config to allow this not sure I can directly edit the Untangle config files. There is an option in Viscosity to route all traffic over the VPN, but I am not sure how to enable OpenVPN on the Untangle to do this.

    I have Build version 6.0.2 on my Untangle box.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

    Daniel Krajc

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    Hi and welcome.
    There is no option in Untangle to route all traffic thru the vpn tunnle.
    The only resurses you will be able to connect to is what you have exported in the OpenVPN Rack in untangle.

    You can edit the Server.Config but Untangle will overwrite the file if you don't change the "Overrides".

    So no good solution to this.

    What you can do is adding a proxy in your internal network and then make the VPN users connect thru the proxy and out.
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      Any update on this?


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        No. still is not supported by untangle.

        When i have some spare time i will take a look at it and see if I can get it to work..
        But right now i have 1000 things to do :P
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          Making it work via manual configuration is quite possible. However, you're giving up the OpenVPN module as a GUI to control the software. You're giving up the automatic client configuration, all the deployment options, and everything else that comes with the software.
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            I am actually looking at the java code that generates the server.conf file and other parts in the module just so you will still be able to use the gui.

            But i would say that i have 5% of the work done
            If someone could cover for me at work i would be able to work with it more.
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              I wouldn't want to do it for all my vpn users, probably just me...

              Obviously it isn't as simple as just adding some routes on my client, I assume there is some tweaking needed on the UT side as well?