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  • Key Distribution

    I want to mention I am totally new in this.
    I have setup an openvpn server in the Untangle Rack and I have reached the stage of key distribution; I only setup two hosts with masks so that the two users have access only to one host separate.
    I reached the stage where I tried to generate keys and send keys through e-mail; no e-mail was sent however I looked in the forums and found the directory "/usr/share/untangle/conf/openvpn/client-packages" where there were three files generated client-name.conf, client-name.ovpn and mail-name.eml.
    My question is:
    These two files "conf" and "ovpn" will be enough for the client to access the server or there is something else needed; I went to try to download the files through the browser and was not able to even with the right IP address(one of the links was pointing to a setup.exe)
    I want to mention that I did not start the server yet as I have to make sure I can stop it from command line if I have to(at the console)
    Can I use a openvpn downloaded client and only add the two files?

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    Ok, first off, when you say that you setup two hosts I just want to make sure you mean with the exported hosts correct?
    Now, as for the downloading of the files, that should be the same thing as the cli directory you mentioned. Were you logged in remotely via a web browser? Or were you logged in directly on the console? If you were directly that isn't going to do you anything, you need to be remote for sure.
    If you choose the windows based install, it will be a setup.exe to install the keys/conf but also will install the openvpn client on the pc.
    If you do choose to download the vpn client separately from then you can just download the non-windows installers and that will just be the .conf and certificate files....
    Hope that helps


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      First thanks for answering;
      I found some files that look like certification files in the "usr/share/untangle/conf/openvpn/openvpn/pki" folder so I would like to know which are the ones that I need to distribute to the clients and where should they be located client side for PC and Mac clients.
      Also I have one more question:
      in routing mode can you use remote desktop to access a host that is available?