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"Allow" internet access during specified timeslots only - else blocked always

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  • "Allow" internet access during specified timeslots only - else blocked always


    I did search around but wasnt able to find the answer or way forward to my subject matter query.

    I need to allow internet access for certain IPs/MACs (Mobile Phones/Tablets) during (lets says) one hour in the morning time and one hour in the evening time, otherwise at all other times the internet access remains blocked.

    I know there are probably multiple (combinations of) approaches to it as I read, enabling captive portal, assigning user names, creating policies. disabling by specific VLAN or WiFI network name and so on.

    I wanted to opt for the simplest method for now, for starters and later on can explore other more advanced approaches.

    In my network all devices are in the same LAN (no VLANs) and pretty much I have static IP binding enabled for each IP in my Tomato Based router network (Wired and WiFi) - where untangle is placed at the Edge in transparent bridge mode.

    1. I created a child policy of the default policy and assigned a rule that if "X" IP is matched and "Y" time slot is matched then assign child policy.

    2. Inside the child policy I enabled only the Firewall app, and created/enabled a simple rule to block access to all Protocols.

    3. I did try to set the condition for the TIME with operator "IS" and "IS NOT" to achieve my desired result however probably somehow it didn't work as intended.

    However in the above approach , the rule to assigned child policy contains only one instance of Time Slot which if matched will block the internet during the time for a particular or more devices (probably a blacklist approach)

    I need more of a whitelist approach where by default the internet is considered blocked for the specific devices, and is only allowed during one or more specific time slots (as in my case 1 hour for morning and evening each).

    Can someone please guide me to implement the needful.

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    Probably this post makes it a bit clear . Seems like i need to create specific child policies for corresponding time of the day(s)


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      I did a video on this.

      Another Requested Video for Untangle. How to block devices & apply a schedule rule to it ! Good example would be, you have kids and want their internet devic...