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Policies for WAN Failover Events

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  • Policies for WAN Failover Events

    Is there a way to have a set of policies that are active during a WAN Failover event? I have two WAN connections - one is slow and the other is fast. My goal is to create a set of policies for when the fast WAN goes down so that I can use a different set of QOS Priorities in Bandwidth Control during failover events.

    To better explain what I'm aiming for:
    I currently have a rule that directs one of our streaming devices (S1) to the slow connection without any QOS, and the other streaming device (S2) normally would use the fast WAN. What I would like to do is to have a set of policies that activate if my fast WAN fails that I could use a set of QOS Priorities in Bandwidth Control that takes in account that both S1 and S2 are now sharing the slow WAN and use QOS in Bandwidth Control accordingly to better share that connection.

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    Use of Bandwidth Control and QoS on multiwan doesn't really work. Both modules are dependent on what's in the QoS tab, and the speeds inputted there. What speed are you going to input? It's not perWAN, it's just in general.

    So instead what you need to use is WAN Balancer, it has Route Rules. These rules allow you to force a specific device to use a specific WAN, but in the event that WAN is down Balancer will allow use of the others.

    But again, the way NGFW handles QoS and Bandwidth control doesn't afford the ability to change the server's configured QoS bandwidth values dynamically. So while you can set a device priority via various means, the calculations that actually do useful things with those tags will fail due to improper bandwidth numbers.
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