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Producing Client-Facing Reports from SQL Data

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  • Producing Client-Facing Reports from SQL Data

    I currently have my Untangle firewalls set to retain data for 8 days on the firewall device.

    I also have a copy of the data backed up to a Google Drive where I can see it in SQL or CSV format.

    I'm curious about making that data available as a monthly report that I can send to my clients.

    Does anyone have a tool that does this for them? Am I overthinking the process?

    My initial thoughts are to have someone upload the data into a SQL server, then have a program compile the data into a report that I can PDF and send to a customer.

    Right now, my employee takes the data from the emailed reports, transposes that into an Excel sheet, then compiles the reports. The clients appreciate seeing the data and using these reports to know they are protected.