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Customice quarantine link

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  • Customice quarantine link

    Hi, we have untangle natted, it has a private IP (for example
    When we send the quarantine link to an external user, he receive an email with the link but it point to the internal IP of untangle so the external user cannot access to his quarantine.

    Is there any way to customice this email so we can send a link with the right url?


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    Here /admin/
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      Not working. In hostname we have set the correct name of the machine but in the link there is the internal IP as you can see:

      Quarantine Digest for [email protected]
      Click here to access your spam quarantine.
      The spam quarantine contains emails that are being held from your email account.
      Quarantined emails can be released to your inbox or deleted using the spam quarantine link.
      The "click here" link points to this URL:
      https : // /quarantine/manageuser?tkn=ZW1tYbVkvBtE34WCy2MJAlQJLMdje82xxxxxxxxxx


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        Ok sorry, that's right. I was confused.

        In anyway, is it possible to customize the text of these emails?


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          The only customization of the digest messages you have is via the branding manager. But that changes link targets, and the logo, nothing else.
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