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Blocking Spam that bypasses the filter?

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  • Blocking Spam that bypasses the filter?

    Has anyone had any luck setting up rules or filters to block spam by subject line or sender?

    - The issue I have, after a long call with untangle support, is that I am receiving spam messages from various senders and IP addresses. Though they all have subjects like "Notice:Your Password Will Expire Soon" with no ability to block them. Scores are -1.9 to 0.0

    With the support folks on the phone we were unable to come up with a filtering option other then by IP. that is a lot of work on my end. Has anyone else been able to filter and block spam messages other than blocking each IP?

    Is their a way to edit the BAYES file manually to set higher scores for certain criteria? Any other suggestions?

    Thank you
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    On a dedicated server or even on some VPS, you can set up reverse DNS records, sometimes you just open a ticket and IT sets it up for you. If you can't have it, please change your host or continue to mark as a spammer xD.