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Using DQS with SpamAssassin

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  • Using DQS with SpamAssassin

    Does Untangle have any plans to use DQS with SpamAssassin?

    What is DQS?
    Data Query Service (DQS) is a set of DNSBLs, updated in real-time, operated by Spamhaus Technology
    A plugin written for SpamAssassin for use with Spamhaus Technology Data Query Service (DQS) product.

    What zones are available with DQS?
    All zones

    What are the advantages of DQS?
    With DQS, Spamhaus provides real time updates instead of the one-minute-delayed updates that are used by the public mirrors and the RSYNC feed. Sixty seconds doesn't seem like much, but when dealing with hailstormers they are crucial: the increase in catch rate between the public mirrors and DQS is mostly due to the real time updates.

    Along with the above advantage, free DQS users will also get two new zones to query, Zero Reputation Domains (ZRD) and AuthBL. Paid-for DQS users will also get access to the Hash BlockList (HBL).

    ZRD automatically adds newly-registered as well as previously-dormant domains to a block list for 24 hours. It also gives return codes that indicate the age of the domain (in hours) since first detection.

    AuthBL is primarily designed for use by anyone operating a submission SMTP server. It is a list of IPs that are known to host bots that use stolen credentials to spam. If one of your customers gets their credentials stolen, AuthBL greatly mitigates the ability of botnets to abuse the account, and keeps your MTAs safe from collateral damage.

    HBL is a zone dedicated to deal with sextortions/scam cryptowallets, dropbox emails and malicious files.

    - - - - -
    Composite Blocklist (CBL) is being retired

    As of the first week of 2021, the Composite Blocklist (CBL) is being retired. This data, however, is included in the eXploits Blocklist (XBL). We advise any users currently accessing the CBL through to reconfigure and query