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Weird Splashtop / SSL Inspector Strange behaviour

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  • Weird Splashtop / SSL Inspector Strange behaviour

    Hi, Actually this is working, but I'd like to know why.

    We are a school with 100 students + 20 staff. We run a single Windows domain with WinSrv 2016 AD, Folder Redirection, Roaming Profiles and Untangle Directory Monitor. Untangle policy is linked to Windows OU Groups for most racks, and User Names for the new Staff_RDC rack. There are no device level policy rules set. Untangle version is 15.0.0

    For a long time 5 of the staff have used Splashtop for remote connection - no issues - but last week I turned on SSL Inspector for the first time. SSL Insp worked, but Splashtop no longer allowed remote connections. I saw the forum post about the known Splashtop / Untangle compatibility issue.

    In desperation, I moved the 5 remote uses into a new Staff_RDC rack and turned OFF SSL Inspector for that rack only - all other racks have SSL Insp. enabled. It now works fine, any user in the RDC rack can logon to any school PC with Splashtop installed, but Why ?? When a user logs off his work PC and Splashtop RDC's in from home how does Untangle know what rack rule to apply because the initial Spashtop connection is done by DEVICE NAME not username, and well before any user credentials are entered.

    I know SSL Insp for the new RDC rack is being checked because if I turn SSL Insp. on for that rack, Splashtop access is blocked, I turn SSL Insp off then Splastop works again.

    Thx Wayne. R.
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    You've hit on it: SSL Inspector breaks Splashtop. We're not sure why, but the only solution we've ever found is to ensure that Splashtop traffic isn't subject to SSL Inspector at all.
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