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Do I need Threat Prevention/Intrusion Prevention?

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  • Do I need Threat Prevention/Intrusion Prevention?

    I'm a little confused on these being on the Home subscription. If I'm not running something like a web server on my network are these something I need in addition to the firewall and web filter? Thank you.

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    Intrusion Prevention isn't something anyone needs that doesn't want to put the time into managing it. It's a big deal to get the value out of that module, powerful but also a chore.
    Threat Prevention stops all your stuff from communicating with devices that have poor reputation, along with Web Filter's malware category it's some of the best malware containment and prevention software available anywhere.
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      IMHO Intrusion Prevention is a must for a home user if going to Untangle. If it is not used, then ask why you are looking at this product. It is a chore as noted to keep up with, and can cause anxiety with the way and amount of reporting it has even it its default config. I've used it since day one in the home, in default config, and maybe I am not getting as much value as I could out of it as noted above, but I still use it. It helped identify a DDoS, and I think prevent, when I briefly ran a Rust server at home ( I fixed by just stop running the server - it required port forwarding so I wasn't happy with it anyway like that).

      My home license doesn't include Threat Prevention so no opinion there.