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VPN Tunnel rule issue

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  • VPN Tunnel rule issue

    Good evening, I have an issue with a rule.. I have googled and skim through the self-help @arista without success.
    I have added a dedicated NIC and under VPN tunnel, I am able to confirm I have a successful connection to the VPN server I subscribe to.
    although the rule creation is not very clear with "sample" example templates.. what I have tried is the following screen capture
    (changed the IP to to hide) I appreciate any help assistance to put me in the right direction.

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    What are you trying to do? Route something from the outside to your network?
    If you want to connect to your home network use the OpenVPN app instead.

    If you want a device to go from your network to lets say mullvad vpn, you can just slap a tag on the device and tell the rule to route all devices with that tag thru the tunnel.​
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