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Tunnels are not creating automatic routes.

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  • Tunnels are not creating automatic routes.

    Good morning,

    I installed a fresh 16.4.1 version. I restored a configuration from a version 16.4.1. I updated to the latest version.

    My two tunnels were configured and connected but the routes are not being made. I had to go through the console manually for it to work.

    ip router add via dev tun201
    ip router add via dev tun200

    When I disconnect the routes are deleted and I have to create them again.
    will this be a BUG? how can I solve?​


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    Is this OpenVPN? If so, are you including the local networks in your Exported Networks attribute when creating the client(s)?
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      No. I don't use openvpn. I am creating tunnels in the "Tunnel VPN" module. I create the tunnels. I save and it connects. But it does not create the routes.​
      I have to create tunnels manually.

      " = IPv4 Table main = " via dev tun201 via dev tun200​

      this should create automatically. When I disconnect and reconnect it disappears I have to go through ssh and do it manually.
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        Did you create rules for the tunnels (next tab over). Otherwise, no routes will be created.
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          I didn't create rules. In the old version it wasn't necessary... but if it is now I'll have to create it.