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Firewall rebooted after making tunnel change?

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  • Firewall rebooted after making tunnel change?

    Running version 16.6.2
    TunnelVPN connection using NordVPN .ovpn file. Uploaded a new file to the tunnel configuration and saved it. Once it saved, the firewall just rebooted itself. I validated that the uptime is now only 2 minutes, where it was well over 30 days prior. Anyone else seeing this behavior? Possibly some instability in the module, or networking stack?

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    I think a few others have observed the same random reboot. My box has already rebooted twice since after a fresh install of 16.6.2. Never happened before.

    I don't know what causes it but so long as it's not happening more often, I can live with it until 17 is ready (which I hope would fix it).


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      The same thing is happening to me. I have this exact behavior in 2 payed installations. Both installation are on esxi. Never experienced this before.
      For the moment, don't enable/disable the Tunnel service because this 100% ends in Arista restart.
      Off course i tried to reinstall the tunnel vpn with constant crashes in between but nothing changed in the end.