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Where are the actual VBL log files at?

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  • Where are the actual VBL log files at?

    Untangle 13.0/Virus Blocker Lite

    In older versions of Untangle you were able to look at the app, go to the web event log tab and there was a near real time look at what's happening with this particular app. Now it would appear that's not possible.

    We have a web server in an Untangle DMZ that's scanning PDF files and we need to see how fast this version and hardware is scanning PDF files compared to the old Untangle server that it's replacing. The old version we could see that it was occasional hitching on scanning the PDF files that our web server was sending out. Now we would like to be sure that this one is not doing so.

    I have looked in /var/log and there are clamav log files but there is no notation on what files were scanned when we ran our test. Can someone point out where these logs are located on this server?