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Scout IQ Cloud Scan Only

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  • Scout IQ Cloud Scan Only

    Since most traffic is SSL these days and we aren't using SSL Inspection, it's seems a bit pointless to enable BitDefender Scan.

    But from my reading of the Scout IQ product, this works on encrypted traffic more on behavior.

    So is it a supported config to have Scout IQ Cloud Scan enabled, but BitDefender Scan disabled under Advanced settings ?

    Also are the file extension selection are only applicable to BitDefender ?
    Wouldn't seem to make sense for Cloud Scan.


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    FWIW, the knowledge gained from the collective and layers proven the only hope in defending the scourge of the interweb. We're aware relying on endpoint security (no SSL inspection) and DNS resolution, simply invites the impending DOOM!
    Having the ability for my preferred sentinel (i.e., UT) to witness/alert sooner (SSL Inspector w/Web Filter(i.e., Zvelo or Webroot Brightcloud)) the logical behavioral solution...anything less is, well much less and maybe even hopeless. Lest we forget the most valued appliance of our protected domain should be the perimeter defense, for once you've allowed your adversary within, you've severely risked your digital assets, resources, and cumulative efforts! #StrongAsTheWeakestLink
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      thanks for helpful reply