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  • split multi wan

    Hi all,
    Hypothetical here.
    I've got 3 fiber connections coming into a business.
    The business is setup within separate companies that never need to access each other's internal resources.
    Each of the three companies are on separate networks via VLANs.

    How do I separate the three VLANs to each of the different WANs. Is it the best course of action to configure rules via WAN balancer, or try to attack this from network by assigning each of the VLANs parent interfaces to the separate WANs?

    Also, if one of the WANs goes down, is there anyway for a wan failover to take place after configuring the network in said way?

    As always, thanks in advance.

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    Use WAN Failover and Balancer. Set a rule in WAN Balancer for the VLAN to go through the specific WAN for the company. WAN Failover will automatically ignore the WAN Balancer rule if the set WAN is down and balance the traffic on the remaining WANs.
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      thanks jcoffin