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Hosting a game sever that is only visible through one ISP

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  • Hosting a game sever that is only visible through one ISP

    Hello Untangle community,

    I recently setup two internet providers with WAN balancer and failover. However, before I added my second ISP, I was hosting a Valheim game server through ISP #1 that was accessible to others online. Since adding ISP #2, it has become unreachable and cannot be found online. I called my ISP #2 and they said that I would require a static IP from them to be able to host anything through them.

    How can I set my untangle router to expose my game server to the world through ISP #1?

    The following are the ports the game server requires:

    TCP and UDP: 2456-2458

    Side note: when setting up port forwarding, I would like clarification which is "destination" and which is "source".

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    I see this is old, but it was brought up again today by a spam post and I can at least provide a belated answer for you.

    Make sure you have the WAN Balancer and WAN Failover apps. If you don't, you'll get no advantage from having two ISPs. Once you have those apps, you can set rules so traffic from your internal game server always routes over ISP #1.

    As for port forwarding: the source is the computer making the request, and the destination is where the request will end up (often your Untangle server's public IP). You typically do NOT want a source filter for port forward rules, though I have used them occasionally to open up RDP connections in a safer way.
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