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Data still being used on WAN set to 0%

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  • Data still being used on WAN set to 0%

    I have a 4g modem connected and in wan balance its set to 0%, i have 2 other isps so its configured like this:
    wan1 is 70%
    wan2 30%
    4g is 0%

    The 4g is still using data, approximately 7GB a day but once data usage causes throttling its about 3GB per day. I can see it in reports Network > Data usage per day (by interface). I have no route rules set to use the 4g connection and i do not have daily drops of WAN1 and WAN2 service.

    What could be causing this kind of data usage?

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    Bypassed traffic does not follow WAN balance rules.

    Just look at the network report to see what traffic is using the cell connection.
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      network report as in sessions? im trying but I cant find anything using that server interface, i see a lot of None [0] though but nothing using the 4g interface.


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        Oh I think I found out what it was, I had an http test setup and each test was pulling like 255KB every 3 seconds.