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WAN load balancer/failover is 1 WAN slows down

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  • WAN load balancer/failover is 1 WAN slows down

    Looking to install Untangle in our office. We have 2x 1gb WAN connections. I want to setup WAN load balancer to load 50% traffic across both WANs. My question is can it be configured so if 1 connection is having issues and the internet speed drops (but doesn't go completely out) I can router all traffic to the WAN that is working fine?
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    Hmm... not sure on the speed part.

    There are 2 Modules in NGFW/ETM.. Wan Failover and WAN Balancer.

    WAN Balancer is straight forward. You can assign whatever percentage of traffic you want to go out each WAN. So in your case, you would set 50% to WAN1 and 50% to WAN2. Done.

    Now, WAN failover will kick over traffic to the other working WAN... I use it with a Ping test, where it kicks to my Failover WAN if my Main WAN goes down.

    here are the options you can utilize in WAN Failover...


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      WAN Balancer does not test the WANs for speed or capacity automatically so it will not adjust on WAN downgrade. You can adjust it manually by using the weight setting.

      Our other product, MicroEdge does test latency, ping, and jitter so rules can be created to adjust for changes.
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