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Can one force certain URLs on a specific WAN port?

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  • Can one force certain URLs on a specific WAN port?

    I have two WAN connections at home - one is from Comcast (primary) which has a data limit, and another is from T-Mobile which doesn't (backup). I wanted to know - is there a way to force certain traffic for a certain URL one one WAN connection over the other? For example all large updates (Windows updates, Office updates, iOS updates, etc) - I want to be able to send them over the T-Mobile WAN. I know I can do this at a device level and already have that - device are tagged, and based on rules of those tags, some devices go on one WAN over the other.

    Is it possible to make this more granular on a connection basis?

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    On MicroEdge, yes. On NGFW, no.
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      Or openwrt that microedge is based on.


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        I had to look up MicroEdge; yes am on NGFW - thank you for the answer.