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WAN Failover/Balancer Fuctionality Broken in Untangle 16.6

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  • WAN Failover/Balancer Fuctionality Broken in Untangle 16.6

    I've posted in the WAN Balancer Sub-Forum but thought I'd post here also.
    This functionality appears broken in 16.6. I only have 1 x Client that has upgraded to this however basically all traffic is now going over 4G Backup Connection.
    WAN Failover is reporting no drops on either Connection.
    WAN Balancer is set to 100 for Main Connection and 0 for Secondary.

    Only change to setup has been the 16.6 Upgrade in last couple of days.

    Only way to resolve for now (remotely) was to disable the Network Interface for 4G Connection.
    (Which is risky if main connection goes down)

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    Just an update... Received response from Support looking into issue today.. Requested i revert setup back to how it was so they could investigate.
    Stated they would contact me before 5pm PST to let me know status but issue resolution shouldn't take that long.
    Now almost 7pm PST...

    Client in Australia has been running on 4G for no reason until 2pm of a Business Day, purely so Untangle could sort their own Software Out etc..
    Pretty frustrated right now.


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      Confirmed. This feature was broken by the 16.6 upgrade. I too have an open support ticket on this. Thanks for reporting.


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        This patch should help:
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          Unfortunately that Patch doesn't resolve my issues..
          Secondary 4G WAN which is set to 0% in WAN Balancer continues to use all Traffic etc after application of the Patch.


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            The issue I had mentioned here was not well described by me, so I've deleted it.
            Last edited by woodsky; 12-10-2022, 03:55 AM. Reason: Actually, my problem is a little different to that described in this thread, I need to better understand it before posting further.


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              Unfortunately I haven't been able to resolve this issue with Untangle Support...
              I've had to manually re-load the Untangle Z4 to Software Version 16.5.2 so I can get functionality working again correctly.


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                Has there been any update on this issue?


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                  Anyone know if this issue was resolved in 17.0 ?