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  • CSS Issues

    I don't know if this is specifically related to the CACHE feature or not though I suspect it may be as the problem goes away when Cache is turned off. I have the same problem at two different client sites both running fully paid subscriptions of Untangled Firewall NG Complete.

    When visiting a webpage that has been cached, CSS files do not seem to be updated in the cashed versions of the pages properly. The cached versions of these pages intermittently do not display with their CSS styles applied. The problem is intermittent, does not seem to be web browser dependent I have tested in Chrome / Firefox / IE. It does seem to effect windows machines and MAC's. The problem happens to various websites and manifests itself seemingly randomly... sometimes one website will work fine with cache running, then it wont work, then a few days later it will work fine again. One site is much worse than the other, though both are running similar configurations and the same version of untangled + apps.

    Has anyone seen this before or have any ideas on further testing? These sites are both in developing countries where bandwidth is pay per Mb and connections are slow, so being able to cache pages was a major perk of with going with Untangled. I rather not try to get both sites running a dedicated cache server if we can make this work.

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    If you try it with a site that supports access through both https and http, does using https improve things, make them worse, or have no impact?
    Five time Microsoft ASP.Net MVP managing a Lenovo RD330 / E5-2420 / 16GB with Untangle 16.5.2 to protect a 1Gbps fiber link for ~450 residential college students and associated staff and faculty