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good scenario for web cache?

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  • good scenario for web cache?

    Hi, Untangle user, not so frequent poster.

    Personally I have web cache disabled. With Untangle's new home license I'm wondering if the web cache could help my retired parents internet connection out. They live in rural IA and 1 Mb/s DSL is all that's available. Most days they are lucky to get 0.7 MB/s up and down. They mostly check email, look at the news sites, use the weather sites, and look at Facebook and use other apps on their iPad. Most of that is probably dynamic content.

    I've read the performance guidelines and know web cache usually has negative-ROI, but could it work in this scenario? I'm considering Untangle for them anyway since they have a high propensity for downloading malware.

    If so, would a system like this one be ok to run the web cache with the other apps? I use it for Untangle without web cache and it seems overly powerful for home Untangle use.

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    Very little of the Internet these days is cachable, it only provides value on larger networks. In a home use scenario all a proxy does is add support costs.
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      Unlikely, as there are so few users.

      You only get benefit when you have one use retrieve cachable data that another user requests soon after.
      cachable data is already pretty small as sky-knight points out, and you only benefit when another user who doesn't have it in the browser cache requests it later.
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