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  • Default block, cache only targeted items

    I haven't used this WebCache module in years (it's not even installed right now), but it occurred to me recently it might be useful if I flipped the script, and had a default rule (at the bottom) to match everything, so the only things it tries to cache are specific items targeted by earlier rules. Is there anyone else who has tried this strategy? If so, what things work well with the cache?
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    We've always said that the only people who benefit from it are those who have extremely high-latency/low-bandwidth connections, like satellite way out in the boondocks or cruise ships (both examples of existing Web Cache users). If you've got an internet connection faster than about 5 Mbps, it doesn't really do much of anything for you.

    What'd you have in mind for it?
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      With modern web browsers having larger cache allocation, I'm not clear why this was I highly requested feature at the time.
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