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Exception! Message: m.getTime is not a function

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  • Exception! Message: m.getTime is not a function

    I'm getting this error when attempting to use any timestamp based filters on WebMonitor's All Web Event's report.

    My goal is to access all web requests sourced from a specified internal IP address, within a specified timespan. I can input the days easily enough with before or after, but even if I say on... doesn't matter.

    I get an alert that says Exception! Message: m.getTime is not a function in the corner of my screen, I'm taken back to the dashboard, and when I return to the report the column headers that allow for filtering simply aren't there anymore. This behavior duplicates on Firefox 67.0.1 and Chome 74.0.3729.169.

    As a result I cannot retrieve the logs for this user on Saturday, and with a 7 day retention I get to figure this out before the end of the week and the data is overwritten.

    Untangle v14.1.2

    Caches have been cleared, as that's the only way to get any report data to appear again after the filters are inserted.

    *Edit* Screwed in my brain and used Conditions instead of filters, those worked wonderfully!
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