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Tune Web Monitor's Flagged Sites Report

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  • Tune Web Monitor's Flagged Sites Report


    We recently implemented Web Monitor to track if any employees are navigating to non-work related websites during business hours. We've configured the categories to flag anything potentially non-work related such as social media or Streaming Media, but it seems to be doing the job too well. When looking at the "Flagged Web Events" report we are getting thousands of flags per day. Most of these point to domains like "", "", or "" We thought about adding some of these domains to Web Monitor's Pass Site's, but it feels like adding hundreds of sites to the white list is counterproductive to the original goal.

    Do you have any suggestions on how we can configure the web monitor report so our tier 1 helpdesk guys can easily glance at the list once a week to see if there is anything worth reporting to the site manager?


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    It is just part of modern web sites which are made of many external references. Each web site can have tens of tracking and advertising external parts making tracking of domains difficult. You could turn off advertising category.
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      That makes sense. We already had the advertising category unflagged. About 60% of the flagged traffic is coming from the Social Media and Streaming Media categories.