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Considering NG for a Small Non-profit

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  • Considering NG for a Small Non-profit

    I am a volunteer supporting a small non-profit where we have occasional shared internet use by some visitors.

    I would like to install a firewall capable of limiting some web site access but more importantly to track every website a guest visited should some questions arise with inappropriate usage. There is no IT budget (I actually donated most of their existing hardware) so I am looking for a completely free software solution.

    I had used Untangle years ago when it was completely free but I haven't recently. Now I see it is called Untangle NG and I wondered if the Untangle NG firewall version does offer a completely free version capable of tracking each website visited by users ?

    I was a bit confused by the description as it mentioned 14 day free trials but not clear to me if the free website tracking by user capability remained after that time, or if there is a different version I should download if a free version offers that capability, or if that capability is only available in a subscription version.

    Appreciate any clarifications.

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    Some of the apps in Untangle require a license, some are completely free. The trial period is just for the paid apps.

    Outline of Free vs Paid license versions. Free version can convert to Paid version with just a license purchase.

    Web Monitor application, free, will report on all the web sites visited but will not block. It is a limited version of Web Filter.
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      Try web monitor on Free version and use Captive Portal to warn users that their activities are being monitored.


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        Appreciate it.

        After I posted I checked an older version of Untangle I had on a test box from a few years back and noticed that it logs as a "Uri" which I'm not familiar with. I expected it to just log the site as a live link or a text line that I could directly copy and paste into a web browser and see the exact page visited/logged.

        If the current version logs in the same manner, using a Uri how would I "see" that actual website visited ? Do I combine it with the info in another columns in that report (Host or Server columns?) on that line to paste it into a browser and get to that page exact ?

        Thanks again.