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See all internet sites/addresses your phone is calling in the background

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  • See all internet sites/addresses your phone is calling in the background


    I did some search , however wasn't too sure what is the best way to get it done. I have Untangle in bridge mode sitting just behind ISP provided home fiber gateway. So essentially all home wired/wireless traffic passes thru it.

    I would like to see all the sites/addresses a device (an android phone in my case) is calling during the first time setup and then during normal usage.

    Of course it would include user initiated activity like browsing/using apps, however I was much interested to see what addresses it is calling in the background .

    What could be the best way to achieve this monitoring and any way of differentiating user based v/s device based activity.


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    First I would recommend having your ISP modem setup in passthrough if possible, that gives us functionality as the gateway device and you get more out of your NGFW.

    As far as checking what a specific device is calling, you can go to Reports > Network > All Sessions, then at the top left click Add next to conditions, use Client for the condition and enter the IP address your device was given on your network. If you want to see sites specifically and not just IP's you'll need to check the Web Filter > All Web Events report as well.

    That will filter all the reporting based on that specific IP as the client, so you'll only see that traffic.